Pay What Feels Right


In this unprecedented time, staying connected with others but most importantly with yourself is essential. Most people’s routine has dramatically changed which can increase uncertainty and anxiety; and for some of you, you might have an increased financial burden.


I find joy and happiness in sharing my passion, my purpose and my gift. I might not currently be able to run “The Business Buddha”’s workshops but I still want to support you in this difficult time. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are struggling with mental health or simply want to explore mindfulness or how to remove blockage, limitations for a better self and a happier life, I am here for you. I will support you by offering online coaching and mindfulness session based on donation.


The idea is, “I cannot know what my service is worth to you and we have all different budget and earnings so I’m not sure a fixed price makes much sense.” You pay what you can, and you feel it’s right!


It’s an experiment in abundance where I trust that when I give, I will also receive.


Just to be clear: in my mind, Pay-What-Feels-Right is not “free”, It’s an invitation to pay what feels right for the value you’ve received from the online sessions and the support you want to give me to continue doing my work mixed with what you can personally afford.


Let’s make a difference! Stay Connected!


Much love to you all,